Wealth management services for HNWIs from Eastern Europe.

Third Rome advantages

Family Office for HNWI – WealthCare concept

Third Rome offers a complete wealth management service for wealthy clients – from estate structuring to added value investment management. Service focuses on needs of clients with an origin from Russia and FSU countries, with personal (family) wealth in between $20 million and $1 billion. Acting as a personal family office, Third Rome becomes a development, management and control center for all aspects of wealth-related needs of the client, achieving the optimal level of security, robustness and manageability of wealth, and the best quality of investment management by applying internal experience, professionalism and dedication, as well as by selecting and employing the best third party providers. We call it WealthCare.

Full scope of investment and financial services

Spectrum of services includes portfolio management, investment advisory and trading of third party products, orders execution, wealth consultancy, corporate finance and investment banking services.

Most experienced and awarded team in the market

Third Rome's top managers are well known to the market due to many years of experience in asset management and financial services. They have earned a reputation as top-notch professionals with impeccable business ethics. They also have experience at leading investment institutions and a proven track record of successful transactions, many of which were groundbreaking in the development of the Russian market.

One of the most efficient technological platforms

The platform provides clients and portfolio managers with all the necessary information for effective decision-making. Third Rome has been investing significant resources in Technology by installing and combining best of breed solutions, providing a 1st class Platform for the whole complex of operations, portfolio management, risk management and accounting.

Outlook 2013


  • Best Wealth Management company 2012

  • Discovery of the Year in M&A market in 2012

  • Best investment company in alternative investment (wealth boutique) 2011

  • Best Wealth Management company 2011

  • Best Asset Management company 2010

  • Financial Services Provider Of the Year 2009

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